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Adyah transforms live linear TV to be more competitive with a patent-pending technology that benefits the entire ecosystem – networks, cable/satellite operators, advertisers, and consumers


  • More Engaging, better experience

  • One-click seamless access in real time

  • No hardware or downloads

  • No fast-forwarding to skip ads

  • No changing inputs, no separate devices

  • Attractive $1.99/month introductory price

​​A welcome surprise to live linear subscribers on linear channel in use. From the viewer’s perspective the viewing experience is the same as traditional cable TV, except the commercial breaks have disappeared.


  • Addressable Ad Format: long-form ad storytelling in post-program inventory

  • Compliant First Party data for re-targeting ad-adverse viewers

  • Household level solution counters waste against ad adverse consumers

  • Ability to deliver more effective advertising

Advertisers have been demanding networks recapture audience that have shifted away from Traditional Pay TV. Leading brand advertisers have been looking for solutions to reinvent the interruptive Ad model in live linear for the past 10+ years.



  • Deliver a stickier Pay-TV video bundle

  • Preserve customer Lifetime Value with improved experience

  • No STB or system level integration or re-engineering to legacy system architecture

  • Makes Distributors 100% whole on local ad inventory

  • Combats growing viewer “ad fatigue’’

  • Utilizes an Ad-Free option to help retain subscribers in Pay-Tv and broadband ecosystem

With programmers accelerating D2C streaming products Ad-Free, the Linear video bundle enters its next phase of evolution: Opportunity Gap exists for Live Linear Ad-Free.  

  • Makes Live Linear more appealing to audiences shifting to Ad-Free services

  • Makes Networks 100% whole on ad revenue at CPM selling price

  • Reduces ad-clutter in a revenue neutral way

  • Improves opportunities with marquee program creators

  • Long–form post program provides new revenue opportunities and address advertiser pressure to reduce ad load

Network Programming Services are seeking ways to keep up with technology and consumer video expectations in a shifting competitive landscape.


Smart TV

  • New performance enhancement with AD-free features

  • In-Store marketing and promotion for “Out of the Box "capability

  • Enhances the Smart TV user experience

  • Transforms the way consumers discover and experience video content

  • Enriches people’s lives with uninterrupted entertainment viewing

Smart TV companies are focused on innovative technologies, products and design that enrich people’s lives. As sets get bigger, thinner and less costly the Smart TV is poised to deliver the best user experience. 

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